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Be Renewed! Be Built-up!

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In our christian life, even if we had been regenerated with our spirit, enjoying the blessed assurance of our salvation, there are still some inevitable circumstances that makes us stumble along the way. The reason for this is that we still linger in the old man – that rotten self injected with  the satanic nature – though our spirits had already been renewed.

In this morning’s Morning Revival on day 6 of “The Work of The Ministry”, I appreciated that the putting off of the old man and the putting on of the new man are already accomplished facts. What I need now is just to apply them by being renewed in the spirit of my mind.

In Ephesians 4:23, the apostle Paul exhorted us to be renewed in the spirit of our mind. What this means is that when our regenerated human spirit, mingled with the divine Spirit, spreads into our mind, it becomes the spirit of our mind. And it is in this spirit that we are renewed for transformation which causes us to be conformed to the living of the Lord Jesus!

Ephesians 4:32 says,

And be akind to one another, 1btenderhearted, 2cforgiving one another, even as 3God in Christ also 4forgave you.

Here we can see God as our pattern. If He had even forgiven us though we were so unworthy, how much more should we having been forgiven by Him? This also shows that in order for there to be the building up of the Body of Christ, we need a forgiving life – forgiving one another and forgetting one another’s offending which are the little stumbles in our life.

In the old man, we easily get offended and easily offend others. Hence, our need is more enjoyment of Christ as our life supply and as our joy that our hearts would become tender fot the sake of his building.

In the matter of building, one brother shared that offending often comes in the perfecting. The Lord has given the church some gifted ones in order to perfect the saints. But when we are not in the proper spirit, the renewed spirit of our mind, we may not be willing to accept the perfecting and take it as an offense instead.

Oh, may the Lord make our mind sober for His building!

Another brother shared that ‘the Lord as our heavenly cardiologist has once again exposed the sickness of our heart. When we are alone, it seems that we are just fine but when we are with others, our defective heart is exposed. It also seems that those saints afar are easier to love than to the ones who are near. When the apostle Paul said “be kind, tenderhearted, and forgiving”, he is like saying, “you are not kind, nor tenderhearted, nor forgiving”. He is exhorting us to be such because we are actually not. Thank the Lord for being the life supply for our enjoyment who is the only one who can make our hearts tender.’

The previous brother also emphasized that such a renewed spirit of our mind is needed especially in the matter of shepherding. This mind is a ‘corporate mind’, a mind which is not only centered to Christ but also to the church. Our enjoyment of Christ is not only then for our own growth and benefit but also for the church. When we enjoy Christ alone, we seem to be fine but when we come to the church we are actually not. It’s just like marriage. When the ‘two has become one’, no one should be able to say that one is right and the other is wrong. If they are one then both of them are wrong. In the Body, one’s wrongdoing is all our wrongdoing and one’s disgrace is all our disgrace. We need to help one another in our downful situations for we are just one in Him. We should never be too selfish to judge others in their living right away. One may become a precious stone by enjoying Christ individually but may not be fit for His building corporately.

We are for His building! May Christ do more perfecting in us and bring us more into the reality of the one Body!

Author: LeiraRuthF.

I'm a student who is interested in sharing my enjoyment of the Lord Jesus from personal pursuit and experience, meetings and sharing by other saints. I also want to keep a record of them which is why I started blogging. I study science (chemistry), I like music (hymns), little bit of history, somehow in math, a bit in architectural designs, delicious food, stitching, singing, watching videos,....and.....I love the Lord Jesus! yay...

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