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Habit of Praying for the Lord’s Move

“What keeps you going on is not your enjoyment but your habit.”

That is what the brother shared just this morning and I was so watered by it. And I devote this post to what he shared.

Proverbs 22:6 says,

Train up a child according to the way he should go;
Even when he is old, he will not depart from it.

This is why an old person who does not have a habit of reading the Bible gets a habit of not reading the Bible when he got old. If we, as young persons build up a habit of reading the Bible, loving the Lord, attending meetings, even praying, it will not be difficult for us to do the same things when we get older.

We should not be worried whether we have prayed the right thing or not. What is important is that we build up the habit. If the habit is there, when the Lord comes to work out something in us like for instance in our prayer life, it will not be that difficult to adapt since the habit of praying has been built up.

We, young people in the Lord, are so privileged that we have heard such speakings as the “The Prayer and the Lord’s Move” in our young age since we can still work on it and exercise for it. We should not be like those who are compelled to pray just because they already had some ailments. Indeed, sometimes the Lord is sovereign to give us some illness just to cause us to turn to Him and pray. But that would be too late. It’s just like Samson who did not pray when he was young and when he got an illness in the eye, what he prayed was only about his eye. His prayer was limited. If only he was used to praying when he was young, he could have just neglected his illness and prayed for the Lord’s move at that time instead.

The recent speaking concerning prayer has really imparted a great burden to saints both young and old. It is admittedly not easy to keep a prayerful life being that it’s very contrary to our habit – gossip. In spite of this, the Lord’s grace superabounds and we always have a new beginning. If we have committed or had been committing  the sin of prayerlessness, then let us exercise our will and make a decision to make a deal with the Lord concerning this matter. The Lord is our consecration, and He is ever faitful to do it for us. Just as we want the Lord to come back, we should be as desperate in the matter of prayer. Our habit keeps us going and our prayer keeps the Lord moving.

What habit are you building up today?