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Not just “in” but also “with”

Phrases like “Christ in me”, “Christ formed in us”, “Christ living in me” are famous for using the preposition in. This little word creates a great impact such that the unsearchable, immeasurable, vast, and exceedingly rich God is now living and making His home in us. Wonderful.

But aside from this preposition, another important little word is also worth apprehending. The word “with” has something more to imply.

A brother shared that in sociology man is considered to be a social animal for the fact that he is less able to live alone. Man is more likely to form a society where he can have somebody else to live with him. Hence, it is embedded in our nature that we go along with someone and socialize.

This natural tendency of being sociable can be simplified by the relationship of a father and a son. It is the natural tendency of a son to depend his life to his father. The son lives, walks, and even plays with the father. As long as the father is near, the son is at peace. The father’s nearness is what is important to the son. However, even if the son is with the father, he does not have the equal of position as with the father. The son does not decide for himself, rather, he is dependent to the father’s decision. The son waits for the father to decide because he knows who this person is who is with him.

In like manner, the Lord Jesus is not just a Person who is in us but also with us. In the book of Matthew, His Name is not just Jesus (Matthew 1:21) but also Emmanuel – God with us (v. 23). The footnote of verse 23 says, “Jesus the Savior is God with us. He is God, and He is also God incarnated to dwell among us (John 1:14). He is not only God but God with us.”

As the One who is in us, He is our life, our life supply, our Person. As the One who is with us, He is the One leading our way, our decisions, our security. We should not just be impressed with the fact that we are not alone, that the Lord has not left us as He said, “…behold, I am 2cwith you all the days until the 3dconsummation of the age” (Matthew 28:20). But we also need to have a fresh realization of who this One is who is with us.

If we realize that the one who is with us is the God who created all things, who was processed to be our all, the Sovereign who arranged every environment for us, the King of Kings sitting on the throne, we would all behave as if we are in the presence of our earthly royalties. With us is the Person clothed with all majesty who was incarnated, crucified, resurrected, ascended and became the life-giving Spirit to be our reality. He dwelt among us as One who is “full of 6dgrace and 6ereality” (John 1:14). Having realized who this One is, will you still make your own decision?

May the Lord open our eyes more that we would appreciate who this One is who is living in and with us that we would treasure every “today” that we have “to live with Christ as Emmanuel. Our living is always with another person, Emmanuel, God with us. We also have to walk by Him, not as Emmanuel but as the life-giving Spirit.”* Then such an enjoyment of Him as the individual Emmanuel will consummate in the New Jerusalem as the corporate Emmanuel. Let’s all pursue to experience and enjoy this One TODAY!

*quoted from: The Triune God to Be the Life to the Tripartite Man. Read this book online here.

#all verses are quoted from the Recovery Version of the Bible. Follow this link to have a FREE Bible!

#this post is based on our corporate enjoyment from The Holy Word for Morning Revival, Week 3, Day 6. Grab a copy here.