Only personal ideas about general things, spiritual or secular. A keepsake of some realizations I especially encountered in my student-life.

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That’s My Dad

This time I’d like to say something about the most misunderstood person in my life, my own father.

Because I don’t talk much to him, nor open to him since I speak more freely with my mother, I then usually have hard feelings towards my father.

To me, he is just strict, killjoy, inconsiderate.

But I was wrong.

If there is anyone concerned about me, nothing can surpass him, neither my mom.

He gets more anxious than my mom whether I still have something to eat or not.

He just works behind the scenes. He doesn’t tell me he loves me. He just does it.

How did I know about this? How did I get enlightened about him?

He did not tell me, but his counterpart did. As I opened to my mom, she also told me what my father does, his reactions, his plans – all for his children’s sake.

He just did not tell me. He just didn’t know how to say it, perhaps. Or maybe my opinion about him blinded me to see his real intentions. Yes, he was strict, but I’m glad about that now. He seems indifferent, but maybe he’s just burried in his worries for our sake.

Pa, why are your works so hidden? Many times I was ungrateful because I think it’s only Mama who cares for us.

I then realized how often I have been like this toward the Lord Jesus Himself thinking that He doesn’t really care at all for why would he let me be in this situation… But He Himself works in hidden ways. Why is there a need to hide? Why not tell me directly what’s going on?

But I also learned to treasure him and Him this way. I’m impressed. I appreciated them better now. Why does it have to take this long for me to see this? Nevetheless, thank You, Lord, for opening my eyes. I don’t deserve You, nor my loving earthly father. I was ungrateful. I was blind. Now, words are not enough to express how much I adore Your ways. You have given him to me, to us. Thank You for my parents. Thank You for my family. You deserve to be praised. Praise You, Lord Jesus!

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

Rom. 8:28

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A Heart’s Overflow of a Good Matter

My Lord is my love.

I love Him because

not only He first loved me,

His love is also so much greater than mine.

Yet despite the incomparably little love I have,

He delights with it

with much greater appreciation

than I do with His.

How sweet of Him.

My Love doesn’t care

how much I fail.

He only cares how much

I turn to Him.

That’s why my only plea

is for Him to let me see

how “all things” is meant for me.

Because everytime I see,

by His mercy,

His beauty in “all things”,

my love for Him grows,

more and more,

little by little,

grows unto maturity,

until I’d become ready

to meet my only Love.

My Lord, my Love,

keep on drawing me.

Now, my heart’s no longer empty.

It’s being filled by my Love

with Himself as the one real love.

Oh, I can love all things!

No more preference for any person,

matter or thing, for my Love

is loving them for me.

How I fall for Him!

How I love Him!

My Lord, my Love,

how sweet of You to draw me.

— 8/27/13 Tuesday. First hour. Inspired from my enjoyment in the Crystallization-Study of Genesis, message 1 – The Central Thought of God.