Only personal ideas about general things, spiritual or secular. A keepsake of some realizations I especially encountered in my student-life.

A Heart’s Overflow of a Good Matter

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My Lord is my love.

I love Him because

not only He first loved me,

His love is also so much greater than mine.

Yet despite the incomparably little love I have,

He delights with it

with much greater appreciation

than I do with His.

How sweet of Him.

My Love doesn’t care

how much I fail.

He only cares how much

I turn to Him.

That’s why my only plea

is for Him to let me see

how “all things” is meant for me.

Because everytime I see,

by His mercy,

His beauty in “all things”,

my love for Him grows,

more and more,

little by little,

grows unto maturity,

until I’d become ready

to meet my only Love.

My Lord, my Love,

keep on drawing me.

Now, my heart’s no longer empty.

It’s being filled by my Love

with Himself as the one real love.

Oh, I can love all things!

No more preference for any person,

matter or thing, for my Love

is loving them for me.

How I fall for Him!

How I love Him!

My Lord, my Love,

how sweet of You to draw me.

— 8/27/13 Tuesday. First hour. Inspired from my enjoyment in the Crystallization-Study of Genesis, message 1 – The Central Thought of God.

Author: LeiraRuthF.

I'm a student who is interested in sharing my enjoyment of the Lord Jesus from personal pursuit and experience, meetings and sharing by other saints. I also want to keep a record of them which is why I started blogging. I study science (chemistry), I like music (hymns), little bit of history, somehow in math, a bit in architectural designs, delicious food, stitching, singing, watching videos,....and.....I love the Lord Jesus! yay...

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