Only personal ideas about general things, spiritual or secular. A keepsake of some realizations I especially encountered in my student-life.

A glorious cause to live

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Today is my 24th year of existence on earth. What made my life worthwhile is my life in Jesus. All the learning both moral and spiritual are all for His original intention. I am not my own. I existed not because I willed but because He sovereignly did so according to His pleasure. So in this day that marks my very first beginning in life I consecrate my self once again to my worthy Lord.

It was a tough and rough path for both of us. It must have been not easy for Him to gain me as it wasn’t easy for me to yield to Him at times. As of now, I could say that there are really hard lessons to learn. I thank the Lord for patiently making me realize. Knowing the uncertainty of this life like we never know when our last day on earth would be, we can only hope in Him that we could grow consistently in Him and be useful to Him.

It is truly a glorious cause to live and go on living for the fulfillment of the Lord’s heart’s desire. Nothing can bother me – not my difficult course, nor my environment, nor any person, nor problem – for they are not the meaning of my life.

It is a blessing to be a man, more blessed to be a God-filled man, much more to know the meaning of human life early in life, and to be one who can help others receive such blessings too.

“Take my life, and let it be
Consecrated, Lord, to Thee;
Take my moments and my days,
Let them flow in ceaseless praise,
Let them flow in ceaseless praise.”
-Hymn 445

Author: LeiraRuthF.

I'm a student who is interested in sharing my enjoyment of the Lord Jesus from personal pursuit and experience, meetings and sharing by other saints. I also want to keep a record of them which is why I started blogging. I study science (chemistry), I like music (hymns), little bit of history, somehow in math, a bit in architectural designs, delicious food, stitching, singing, watching videos,....and.....I love the Lord Jesus! yay...

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