Only personal ideas about general things, spiritual or secular. A keepsake of some realizations I especially encountered in my student-life.

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If God leads you…just Amen

Many times I couldn’t agree with the Lord to my situation and I tend to rationalize. I was like “This isn’t right. It should’ve been like this, like that…” But by the Lord’s grace, He Himself will lead us to realize that in whatever wrong situation we see, there is a purpose behind it. We may not need to ask Him why and He may or may not tell us, but the thing is that we must learn to say “Amen” to the situation. Then life flows. In all things, what is important is the flowing of life. Before, I just thought that if we follow the ‘right’ thing, we get more life. And so, I tend to get frustrated when the ‘right’ thing is not what I find. Then the Lord was kind enough to unveil that the flowing of life is not necessarily merely on good situations. Rather, He could flow even more in us during worst times. Besides, it is the Lord that has led us in such a situation and He surely would be our supply in that situation. Now, when I start to think as before, I’m happy to be reminded of the hymn below. A sister introduced this to me long ago but the real appreciation to its reality came to me just recently. Honestly, I don’t easily appreciate practical spiritual experiences for it seems that I am filled with doctrines only (as one being what they call as ‘church kid’-one whose parents are Christians before having borne). I have known before that God is life, that life is not about right or wrong but that it is a matter of life, but whenever I’m in the actual situation I seem to forget what I heard, then I murmur, reason, and worse, compare and despise. Though it took time for me to realize this (and this would be impossible without the Body), I am most of all thankful that the Lord has not given up on me. He is continually dispensing. He is the supply in whatever situation we are. I think I loved the Lord more today. Lord, you are my Amen. I love You.

If God leads you to walk
A way that you know,
It will not benefit you as much as
If He would lead you to take the way
That you do not know.
This forces you to have
Hundreds and thousands of
Conversations with Him,
Resulting in a journey that is an
Everlasting memorial
Between you and Him.