Only personal ideas about general things, spiritual or secular. A keepsake of some realizations I especially encountered in my student-life.

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According to the laws of thermodynamics, a perpetual motion machine  of whichever kind is impossible. My professor has once said that anyone who can device such a machine is worth a Nobel Prize.

Many factors accounts to the impossibility of a perpetual motion machine. The one that takes the lead is the second law of thermodynamics which holds the fact of entropy. This law implies that whatever is damaged from the original state cannot be restored because the path of spontaneity is always to the direction of greater entropy.

Now, God’s economy is worth a Nobel Prize.

By the second law, man, who is like a machine has been decaying since the fall, should never be restorable back to its original state before the fall. Before the fall, man was capable of defying laws of physics that he can even work with no sweat. But after that, man has fallen to the point that his body not only feels weary much more it becomes deadened. It seems as though man only lives to reach the grave. Every day the outer man, the body, is decaying. After some time, we become tired, then sick, then dying. However, there is one Man who died and resurrected with a body. Much more, that body is no longer a dying body but a glorious perpetual body.

In our christian life, we are daily defying entropy just as even Paul in 2 Corinthians 4:16 has said,

 Therefore we do anot lose heart; but though our 1bouterman is 2decaying, yet our 1cinner man is being 3drenewed day by day.

 How then is the inner man being renewed?

By being nourished with the fresh supply of the resurrection life. As our mortal body, our outer man, is being consumed by the killing work of death, our inner man, that is, our regenerated spirit with the inward parts of our being (Jer. 31:33Heb. 8:10Rom. 7:22,25), is being metabolically renewed day by day with the supply of the resurrection life.

Now, where do we get this fresh supply of the resurrection life?

John 11:25 tells us who this supply is.

Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection and the alife; he who believes into Me, even if he should die, shall blive;

Then the following verse says how it its obtained. Verse 26 goes,

And every one who lives and believes into Me shall by ano means die forever. Do you believe this?

We must believe to whatever is said in the bible for it is the breath of God (2 Timothy 3:16). Daily we must take in the Lord as supply as He is the bread (John 6:35414851) and the living water(John 7:38 4:1014). By being filled with Him as the resurrection life, we become His reproduction, His many brothers, the many God-men who are God in life and nature but not in the Godhead. He is the supply that we need to keep on going forward in these last days. Today is not the time to think of entropy. This is the time to enjoy Him!

What we are experiencing today is only the foretaste of what will be in eternity. In the New Jerusalem, there is no more weariness, sickness, nor deadness. There is only Christ as life and king, the Son of Man in the throne (Matthew 19:28). Even in eternity, He is still a Man. As we are being conformed to Him day by day through the  process of renewing and transformation, we shall be like Him in eternity. We are His duplication! Hence, man itself is the perpetual motion machine, the one who lives for eternity to express God and represent Him.

Indeed, God has done a tremendous work just to restore man back to his original state, the state of being completely under God’s will with his body being able to pass through walls…. Our God is the greatest inventor!